Rubber Wheels

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Rubber Wheels & Castors

We supply a selection of heavy duty solid rubber wheels suitable for various commercial and industrial applications. Featuring high-quality bearings, these plastic-rimmed wheels are designed to last with solid rubber outers to prevent punctures. The premium design and construction ensures that the rubber does not pull away from the rim. While they are best suited to smooth hard surfaces, they can be used indoors and outdoors on smooth and rough surfaces.

The wheels are suitable for use on garden carts, wheelbarrows, trolleys and wheelie bins across industries including manufacturing, schools, warehouses, retailers, as well as residential use. They have a broad working temperature range from 5°C to 60°C and heavy duty load ratings (50kg to 100kg, depending on the wheel) and are designed to have a long working life.

Easy to install, tough, durable and long-lasting, our selection of rubber wheels are ideal for a range of applications across industries. We can supply wheels in a range of sizes from 6” x 1.5” to 10” x 2.5” with 15mm axle bore diameters suited to a variety of requirements.

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