Why is Marine Boat Gunwale in Australia Important?

Gunwale has a history that connects to boats that were used in combat. Gunwale was referred to as a reinforced ledge that surrounded decks of warships where guns and other artillery was mounted. The gunwale gave soldiers the ability to not only grip whatever weapons they were using but also improved their accuracy.

Over time, boat gunwale rubber edging in Australia became a modern part of any vessel. Gunwale has now become the upper edge of the common boat or ship. The main purpose that a gunwale serves in the modern boat is to reinforce the hull of the vessel.

Our Gunwale Selection

It is important to note that not every boat needs the same type of gunwale. This is a key reason why we make sure that we stay up-to-date with the gunwale requirements that different craft needs so this way we can accurately guide you through your options.

Due to the vital role that the gunwale serves on a boat, we make sure that we provide you with a wide selection of marine boat gunwale in Australia. These options can be used regardless of whether you are installing gunwale on a brand-new boat or you are replacing old gunwale. We offer two options for 35mm gunwale. While the size may be the same, we offer one option in black and one in white so that the gunwale can fit the style of your ship. Both options will fit over an 8 - 10mm edge. Our gunwale options also come in black and white in a 40mm size which will fit over a 10 - 12mm edge.

Come To Us To Buy Boat Gunwale Online in Australia

The Rubber People is your go-to company to buy bulk gunwale rubber edging. Our family run business has the knowledge and the experience to provide you with the best options in gunwale for your boat. We are proud that we can source products from local manufacturers whenever possible to provide you with true Australian options as we believe this gives you the best quality product.

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