Cable Protectors

Buy Cable Protectors Online to Save Money and Protect Workers in Australia

Safe Work Australia reported that in the 2012-13 work year, $28 billion was lost because of workplace injuries. Many of these injuries were caused by simple and avoidable circumstances, but they nevertheless cost workers, employers, and the public a tremendous amount of money.

In office environments, loose cables are a prime culprit as a tripping hazard. Due to the abundance of cables connecting computers and peripherals, these workplace must-haves seem to multiply in office environments. These cables clutter both floor and desk space while interrupting workflow and creating a disorderly work environment.

Some cables can be eliminated through wireless devices and networking, but the most common solution to the problem is the purchase of cable protectors online for Australia businesses. High-end cable protectors eliminate the tripping hazard while hiding unsightly cables.

The two primary versions of cable protectors available online in Australia have different effects. They share the functions of organizing cables and eliminating the tripping hazard, but they differ in colour: one aims to bring extra attention to the location of the cables by using a bright colour, such as “safety yellow,” while black cable protectors are more suitable for businesses that simply want to hide them and blend the cables into their aesthetic.