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Buy Wholesale Marine Carpet Online - Australia

Where to Buy Marine Carpet Online in Australia at Wholesale Prices

For many people, a boat is a prized possession that offers not only the opportunity to go on fantastic weekend getaways but the chance to take part in a variety of fun activities, such as fishing. Because your boat is such a valuable investment, it pays to take proper care of your vessel, and getting high quality marine carpeting is indeed one way you can pamper your boat. At The Rubber People, you can get marine carpet in Australia that is sure to last for many boat outings to come.

How to Get High Quality Wholesale Marine Carpet

After years of use and the inevitable mess or two, even the best marine carpet will start to look a bit worse for wear and lose its one-time plush feel. Instead of walking on thin or dingy-looking treads, you should consider buying new high quality marine carpeting for your boat. Doing so is an excellent investment in maintaining the value of your vessel, and it doesn’t have to break the bank when you buy wholesale marine carpet, available in Australia from The Rubber People.

When looking to buy a new or replacement boat carpet, it is helpful to understand a few key pointers. First, there are two main categories of carpeting, either Cut or Loop. Cut, also known as Cut Pile, is a carpet where the fibres are cut on the “face” side of the primary, giving the carpet a clean and uniform appearance. The other type of marine carpet, known as Loop or Loop Pile, is where the fibres have been both cut and looped on the face side, which provides a more “sculptured” look. When you buy marine carpet online, be sure to pay attention to the type of cut to make sure that you get the exact look that you want.

Reasons to Buy Your Wholesale Marine Carpet in Australia From The Rubber People

The Rubber People is a family owned and operated business that has incredible access to an extensive range of quality rubber products, many of which are manufactured right here in Australia. As your one-stop shop for all things related to rubber carpeting and mats, we have tonnes of in-depth, industry experience and offer a speedy turn around on all our high-quality products at wholesale prices.

When you buy your marine carpet from Australia-wide shipping, you can enjoy the benefits of next day dispatch and get back on the water in style as soon as possible. While many of our fine products are available online, you can also drop by our store in Hallam, VIC to view any of our fantastic marine gunwale and carpeting options during our regular trading hours, Monday through Friday.

Do have questions before you buy your marine carpet online, or would you like to know a bit more about our inventory? If so, feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to answer any enquiries involving our products and hope we’ll be able to match you with just the right kind of carpet for your prized boat.